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Goal Sheets

As resource room teachers, we do not have a curriculum to guide our lessons - we have IEP's.  In order to write focused lessons, you need to keep the IEP goals in mind while planning.  I have recently created a quick and easy form in Word to keep track of them.  I create a table for each student.  The first column holds all of the goals.  I have 15 boxes next to each goal  for checkmarks/dates.  Each time I write a lesson pertaining to a goal, check it off or write the date in the box.  That way you make sure that you are focusing on each goal evenly.  I fit 5 students on 1 page (some kids only have a few goals, others had a lot).  I also added some cute graphics/fonts to make the form attractive.  I use this is my curriculum.  It focuses my lessons and makes it easier to plan. 

As I've mentioned before (I think...), I also create an "At-a-Glance" sheet outlining each child's IEP.  Last year I made index cards for each student for Test Modifications.  Having these items on my desk allows substitutes/paraprofessionals to easily see what needs to be done if I'm not there. 

I hope this helps you stay organized and focused!
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