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BTS Shopping Part 1 {50% off edition}

I am a shop-a-holic and I'm pretty sure I need to join a support group or something because I constantly buy things on TN and TPT.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this!  I think becuase I can buy things and they don't take up room in my house, I don't realize how much I'm buying haha...well at least until I start printing, laminating, and cutting!

Today is the last day of the Teachers Notebook sale.  They have this awesome build your own bundle thing which I loved becuase I only purchased products that I wanted.  I looked through all 3400 items and bought way too much but it was 50% off!  Did I mention that already?  Everything in the build your own bundle section is 50% off!!  And of course, I'm still going to buy a bunch of things tomorrow on TPT's sale but 
50% > 28% 

Here is what I bought: 
(Click the pictures to be linked to the product...warning the links do not take you to the product in the bundle area!  But you can check out the products then go search through the bundle section)

Guided reading flip books that cover all Reading Literature and Reading Informational standards for grades 1, 2, and 3...since those are the 3 grades I teach, I couldn't resist! 

Since I will have my students for 3 years, I need to mix up the back to school projects (and all yearly projects!).  These are so cute and some are paired with picture books.

I had no centers for addition with 3 I do :) 

I seriously need to work on teaching the Language standards...this is a super cute way to teach prefix and suffix...very visual! 

I love class books.  When I saw this, I grabbed it!  It is class books for the entire year.  I use class books whenever I have a few minutes to fill.  They are easy, quick, and the kids can read their books in the library.  I'm going send them all home at the end of the year as a gift for the kids.

These are all color or cut worksheets that I'm using during "math at my seat" time for my firsties. 

Love love love this math journal for 1st grade!  This only covers OA standards and she didn't have any other journals (or I would have purchased all of them!) :( 

I'm hoping that all of my kids know the alphabet this year so we can start off with blends and digraphs and vowel sounds!  These were too cute to pass up.

Tomorrow I'll share all of my TPT purchases.  Have fun shopping :) 

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