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Centers {Finally}

I feel like I've talked and thought about centers for MONTHS!  I've actually done 2 different systems.  This post is my first system.  I started with a Daily 5 type set up.  I made each student a laminated card:

The read to self center is self explanitory.  I also had students listen to a story and do a response sheet.  They could build words at the word work center.  In the work on writing center, students could write recipes, comics, letters, or make their own books.  The last center was sight words where they worked 1 on 1 with an adult on learning their sight words.

On the back of each card, I velcro-d the students picture.  Students could choose the order they wanted to do the centers in.  They just stuck their picture to the center poster which were hanging around the room.  Only 2 students were allowed at a center so I only put 2 pieces of velcro on each poster.  When there are no more spots to stick your picture - move to a new center!

I had an aide at each center (expect read to self) to help the students.  I gave each aide a binder describing exactly what to do and tracking sheets to monitor students work/progress.

I really liked this system because it gaves students a choice and they rotated who they were with.  The problem I had with this was the aides left their centers to take breaks and to take kids to therapies.  At that point, there was nobody to assist the students with tasks like reading sight words so I changed things up again...stay tuned to see what I did! (I promise it won't take a month to post again!)

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  1. I like your velcro-ed picture idea! I just started Daily 5 and am learning lots of great new ideas - thanks!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Thanks! The kids liked it and they could easily see if there was room at that center.


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