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Alphabet Songs

Have you guys seen the alphabet song videos from Have Fun Teaching?  I love these videos and I have been using them a lot in the last few months.  I work mostly with 2nd-5th grades and my students know the alphabet, however, many of them struggle with vowel sounds!  It is not easy to find vowel sound resources that don't seem "babyish" to 5th graders but my students love these videos!  Check out this video for the letter E: 

I LOVE that the music is upbeat and catchy.  It doesn't seem to be aimed specifically at younger students. My students ask to listen to the songs while they do independent work.  I also love that the songs are so students learn the songs quickly and begin singing along.  The songs give students plenty of opportunities to practice saying the sounds (both long and short vowel sounds).  Just a warning...these songs will get stuck in your head!  

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  1. Thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers and parents, be sure to check out the Alphabet Videos by Have Fun Teaching! Your kids will have SO MUCH FUN learning the Alphabet and Phonics!


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