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Hello again

Wow it has been a while! I absolutely love blogging but since I became a mom, my heart was more focused on blogging about family. My priorities shifted (as they should). In 2019, we welcomed twins (a boy and a girl) which has really made it impossible to do any school work at home.  I still love teaching and coming up with creative lesson ideas but my passion has really become helping teacher moms balance their work/home life...streamlining their work so they can focus on their families. 

As I'm looking back at my last posts, I see that I have been headed here for a while. In order to streamline and simplify life in the classroom, we are going to need to declutter! 

In the past, when I was looking for an activity for a certain skill, I have been so overwhelmed with all of my materials that I end up just finding something new on Pinterest or TPT.  All that did was add another thing to my room that would soon be lost in a pile or cabinet.  Now, I only have my favorites and I actually use what I have! It makes planning a lot easier (and faster).  

Are you ready to declutter your classroom and get started on a more balanced life in 2020? Join me!  I'll walk you through exactly what I did so you can also stop bringing home piles of work and can actually enjoy your family!

A Facebook group will be coming soon! Stay tuned! 
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