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First week down & Currently!

My class is so stinkin' cute!  I wish I could show you pictures of them but I can't...confidentiality and all that.  I have 7 boys and 3 girls (for my new followers, it's a special ed room with a limit of 12 students).  They are so well behaved which is a HUGE relief because we had some issues on day 1.  I have a student who is coming from a behavior program and he did NOT want to come to school.  I was handed a note before students even got to school saying that our school resource officer (who is a police officer) had to go to the child's house that morning due to behavior.  I just started laughing (if you don't laugh, you'll cry so laugh!)...what a way to start the year!  He had a ROUGH day.  His meltdown lasted for HOURS and the poor psychologists room was DESTROYED (coffee on the floor, marker and glitter glue all over the walls, chairs thrown, spit in her hair).  He calmed down around 1pm and joined us for the rest of the day and did fine!  He's been fine ever since!  We had a lot of play time this week but we also have math stations fully up and running on the 3rd day of school so it's been a good week :)  I'll post about starting math stations by early next week.

And super quick before the Currently portion of the post, did you see my giveaway?  If you haven't go check it ends next Friday!

Okay, now Currently!!  A huge thank you to Farley who does this every.single.month!

A lot of this is self explanatory so I won't elaborate on everything....

Thinking...I have the hardest time setting up literacy centers!  I have no trouble with the math stations.  If you have posted about how you run literacy centers, leave a link to the post in the comments!  I need ideas!

Wanting...laminating pouches.  I ran out half way through laminating visual schedules.  I ordered more from Amazon.  If you have a laminator, don't buy the name brand pouches...the other ones work just as well for about half the price! 

Needing...a break from all this thinking.  I know I'm not alone!  I just can't stop thinking about school!! I'm giving myself a break because it's the first month of school.  I have some amazing ideas that are going to take some work to set up so my goal is to get these things up and running by October.  That's why # 3 of my things for me is getting the room running efficiently.  If I can do it, then the rest of the year should be much easier...that's the plan anyways! 

Have a super relaxing weekend friends!

4 comments on "First week down & Currently!"
  1. Wow, your first day sounds interesting!! I need laminating pouches too. I need to go get on Amazon and order them now! :) Enjoy your weekend!


  2. You are so right about laughing or it will be crying. I feel like I have "laughed" a bunch this year lol. Good luck this year and your giveaway sounds awesome! I am going to check it out right now!

    Math Madness

  3. You definitely have to laugh! My first day of school last year started very similarly to your first day this year.. but eventually it all worked out and we got through it! I'm excited to read about your math stations! I am going to be starting math rotations this year so I can use all the tips I can get!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  4. Centers always boggles my mind!! Love your blog so cute. =)

    *yay for being your newest follow, drop by *

    Just Wild About Teaching


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