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Sub Prep {Freebie}

The last few weeks I have been grading state tests and going to CSE meetings.  This means prepping for a substitute.  Since all of my students have special needs, I always end up leaving a ton of notes for my subs (medical needs, behavior plans).  I was in desperate need of a sub binder.  I looked around at different sub binders online but they all had extra info that I didn't want my sub to have to look through - we don't have tornados so I don't need a spot for tornado drills but we do have a 3R drill.  I decided to create my own and I made it completely editable.  It only took me about 20 minutes to put mine together.  I felt so much better once it was done.  I knew that my sub had all the information he/she needed to get through the day.  Here are a few pics: 
Editable cover (section dividers also) & a Class Roster page with room for pictures

Pages for class management, routines, and schedule have open text boxes so you can completely customize it to your room.  If you need more pages, just copy & paste that slide.  The transportation list is also editable so you type in the different types of transportation your class uses.  

 There are also pages for important student info, student modifications, where to find materials, directions to school locations, and emergency drills (again all customizable).  
I've also included a classroom tour page for a picture tour of your room & a how was your day sheet.  
I cut these out and clip them to the binder.  The sub can then clip all of the papers he/she collects throughout the day with these labels.  It makes it easier for me and them.  There are also blank/editable labels.  
Click here to get this for yourself :) 

I was also tired of trying to come up with tasks that I feel comfortable with a sub doing but that still fit in with my curriculum.  I scoured the internet for activities that my students could do  pretty much throughout the year.  That way, I can prep materials for a few sub days in September and not have to worry about having outdated, irrelevant activities.  I put together some generic lesson plans - just check off a few things and add any class-specific notes you want to leave for the sub!  Of course you also have to print out the materials but I've even found them for you (all free online)!  My sub plans are completely free...stop by my Teachers Notebook store to grab your copy! 

I used these last week even though I knew I would be out ahead of time.  It was so much faster than writing the crazy sub plans I used to write.  If you haven't already made a sub binder & emergency plans, I highly recommend it!  I felt so much more prepared having these two things set up. 

If you need a binder, this one is a great deal (77 cents!) on amazon right now! 

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  1. I just downloaded this and I love it!! I have been looking for a sub binder for the last year and couldn't find one I liked exactly. I tried making one as well and it just didn't work out like I wanted to, but I LOVE yours!! Thank You Thank You!!


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