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2, 4, 6, 8!

I've been dreading introducing multiplication to my class. I have been using Touch Math in my room...well by "using Touch Math" I mean I printed off some packets from the touch math kits.  I only taught the touch points to 2 students.  I told the rest of the class to just ignore the touch points and add like they usually would.  They didn't listen.  As I walked around, I noticed that EVERYONE was using the touch points without me teaching them!  When it was time for subtraction, I let them choose which packet they wanted - touch points or no touch points.  They all picked touch points.  One day instead of doing math, we just talked.  I asked them why they wanted touch points, because all but 2 of them could add without them.  Their answers surprised me....the touch points took the anxiety out of math for them!  They said things like: "I don't need a number line now" "I lost my place on the number line" "I don't have to think as hard".  They LOVE touch math.  

I decided to go find the upper touch math kits to see how they teach multiplication.  They use skip counting...students have to skip count by 9's to multiply by 9.  To me, that seems incredibly hard BUT last year, I had a student who learned to multiply that way.  He taught himself to skip count insanely fast.  So I figured I would focus my multiplication instruction on skip counting and see what happens! 

As I said in previous posts, I am starting centers when we get back from break.  Since I'm also starting multiplication, I decided to make some simple center activities (and posters). 
Here is a sample of the posters (Sorry the edges are cut off a little): 

 Here are some center cards...students can either skip count and put the cards in order (2, 4, 6, 8) or match the problems to the answers. 
I made 2 different sizes for these cards...below is the larger version: 

Finally, I wanted to give my students the visual of hopping over numbers down a number line so I made cards with numbers 1-100.  I also included a frog game piece that students can make hop by 3's (or whatever number).  

I have a few other activity ideas for these cards but I'm saving them for when I can take pictures of them in my classroom.  If this is something you could use in your room, check it out here!  Remember, everything in my store is 20% off until January 1st!!

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  1. I feel like I am always in a love/hate relationship with touchmath! It works SO well for some of my kiddos but then I have a really hard time fading it away. I also dread teaching multiplication - and have only done it once using touchmath - I think it is super hard! Can't wait to hear how the rest of your unit goes. These resources are super cute!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  2. It seems super hard to me too but they all seemed to love touch math so far...we will see what happens!

  3. I love touch math and just introduced it using the skip counting concept. I know when they take the tests they can't use a chart, but they can skip count. For 9's I just teach them the finger technique. Makes it SO much easier to multiply. Love your resources.

    Resource Room Rules

  4. I am also starting multiplication with my students after the break.. and I'm dreading it. My students are on such different levels when it comes to multiplication so I'm sure I will be doing aloooott of differentiating! I love TouchMath for adding & subtracting. Strangely enough, I was taught TouchMath when I was younger and it stuck with me! And then my whole life, no one knew what the heck I was talking about, haha. But I've never used it for multiplication, so I'm hesitant to use it with my kiddos. Your products look great!!

    The Resource Room Teacher


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