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My Simplified Library

Last year, I spent a ton of money on books.  I bought a lot of chapter books for my students, however, I'm the only person who used my books.  The students took them out of the library so they could take them home.  I used my copies to follow along with them.  I would also bring them home on weekends to read so I could help the students do book reports. 

This year, I'm going to keep all my chapter books at home.  That will leave me room on my shelves for my easy reader book sets, professional books, running record system, paper, and games.  I'm not sure if I decided to keep the chapter books at home because it makes the most sense while I'm split between 2 buildings or because it gives me an excuse to buy the Ikea bookshelf I've been eyeing. 

Mailbox magazines and books with reproducibles will be kept at school where I have access to the copy machine.  I'm hoping that this new system will allow me to stay more organized.  If I was only in one building, I'd bring all my books to school but being in 2 buildings, this seems to be the best option. 
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