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Desk Essentials

Here is what I am packing to keep in my desk for my second year of teaching...

First, there is the usual items:

1.  Pen/Pencil organizer - I use a cute coffee cup
2.  Pencils
3.  Pens in assorted colors
4.  Stapler
5.  Hole punch
6.  Paper clips
7.  Rubber Bands
8.  Scissors
9.  Tape/Tape dispenser
10.  Post-it notes
11. Some sort of file holder to keep on your desk
12.  Desk Calendar
13.  Sharpies/Markers
14.  Index cards - multiple sizes/colors
15.  Push pins
16.  Envelopes
17.  Stamps
18.  Decorative printer paper for letters home

Now the "extra" things you may not think about:

1.  $5 in quarters to use in the vending machines
2.  Extra bottles of water
3.  Motrin/Excedrin - whatever you may need (may want to keep this in your purse)
4.  Calming CD's to play while the kids are working independently
5.  A few snacks - in case you miss or forget lunch
6.  Some extra cash for birthdays/gifts, PTA/PTO events, school lunch (I never carry cash so keeping it at work is essential for me)
7.  Extra phone charger, in case your cell dies while at work
8.  A few pictures of family and friends
9.  Paper weights - for when you have the windows open.  Several times my kids have run around grabbing papers that were flying all over the room.
10.  Thank you cards for unexpected gifts
11.  Birthday/Holiday cards

I will keep updating this as I think of more.
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